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img2It was very distressing to find cockroaches in my kitchen, but your friendly and confident staff managed to put me at ease almost immediately. Thank you very much! Cockroach Treatment, Mrs P. Holmes , Belgrave, Leicester img3
img2 Your advice about keeping spiders out of my house has been invaluable, thank you! Spider Control, Mr S. Foster, Stoneygate, Leicester img3
img2 I was very impressed with the speed with which you handled my termite problem and I will be recommending Pest Control Leicester to any of my friends who have problems with pests. Termite Control , Mr L. Webb, Glenfield, Leicester img3
img2 Many thanks, you were a great help! Woodlice Control, Mr and Mrs S. Ellis, Knighton, Leicester img3

About Us

A cockroach; found in Leicester. We think that the best way to learn about Pest Control Leicester is to know something about the specific pest control services that we provide, which is why we will now provide a brief description of some of the procedures that we employ for certain pests.
In all circumstances, however, we will provide fast, effective and safe pest control, keeping you up to date with everything we are doing.  Once the treatment has been completed, or before that if you wish, we will let you know what caused the infestation and how you can avoid it happening again.

Pest Control Leicester – Examples
The following should provide you with an idea of the level of professionalism and expertise that we bring to all pest control situations.
  • Cockroach Treatment – Cockroach infestations often turn up in kitchens or bathrooms because they are attracted to food and water.  They are notoriously resilient and hard to get rid of.  Upon arriving the pest control expert we send will inspect your property, quickly assessing the extent of the infestation.  They will then be able to gauge the best treatment.  In many situations the only one which will eliminate the whole infestation is going to with the use of a fogger as this can get behind the walls where they are hiding in their nest.  Of course there must be no humans or pets present when this is being done so we will keep you fully up to date with what is going on, and you can decide on the best time for the treatment to be carried out.  Our pest control technician will also be able to tell you what the cause behind the infestation was and what you can do to keep it from reoccurring.
  • Mouse Control – Another pest which is generally attracted to conditions that are unhygienic, and also sources of water, are mice and also rats.  Rodents, cockroaches and many other pests are a menace because they can cause food poisoning.  Rats and mice will also cause property damage with their gnawing, which is often one of the earliest signs of an infestation.  To get rid of them we will put traps down in most circumstances.  We can also use poison but that risks them dying in a place that is difficult to get to, making body disposal more awkward.  Again, the expert from Pest Control Leicester will be able to identify the cause of the rodent infestation and inform you on how to prevent another one.
  • A mouse; found in LeicesterSquirrel Control – Squirrels might look more appealing than cockroaches, mice or rats but they can cause just as much damage.  Burying nuts in your garden can ruin your lawn or flower beds, and the way they strip the bark off trees for their nests can ruin the look of trees.  If they get in your loft then they can cause even more damage to wood and insulation.  As long as they are grey rather than red squirrels we will be able to trap and dispose of them, as red squirrels are a protected species.  In either case we will also let you know how you can prevent the problem from continuing.
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Pest Control Leicester offers a 24/7 pest control service so you can literally contact us at any time.  It couldn't be simpler either, just fill out the form provided and you'll get an instant call back within ten minutes.  We will give you a free quote for the services you require and we can arrange a visit straight away from one of our pest control operatives.